American Accent Training

If you want clear, easy-to-understand communication with your coworkers and friends, WITHOUT losing your cultural identity, I can help!

Free Consult

Want to know what it’s all about? Get a free screening of your accent! I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with some brief recommendations.

Hourly Consult

For current or past clients who want feedback for an interview or presentation

Project based consulting: $100 / hour

American Accent Coaching


– An initial consultation;

– A thorough assessment of your accent, intonation and grammar;

14-16 one-on-one sessions, via video meeting or in person. Services are provided where and when you need them: at home in Seattle, or away on business;

Practice materials conveniently in your pocket and downloadable on up to (3) devices;

Immediate improvement. Your goals are addressed at the beginning of each session for improved confidence for language and situations that matter most to you.

– Final assessment and plan. Your progress continues when we are finished.



You will complete a thorough assessment of your accent, including both sounds and intonation. I’ll come up with a plan to help you change the sounds that are most different than American English.


We’ll work together each week, either in person or via video conference, addressing your specific goals. You’ll practice an hour a day using PDFs and audio files targeting your specific sound and intonation needs.


After 14 to 16 weeks, you’ll become 40% to 60% more intelligible.

And your confidence in communication with Americans will improve.

“The program helped me communicate more effectively with patients and nurses.”

“My accent wasn’t bad, but people were distracted by it. Now people focus on what I am saying, rather than my accent.”


I love languages. I love accents. I love communication!

For over 15 years, I have worked as a Speech Language Pathologist helping people to communicate. Since 2007, I have trained doctors, professionals, and friends in the American accent.


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